Portfolio > Body Girls

Me x 3
Acrylic paint on paper with papier-mâché figures
48" x 71" x 4"
Measuring Me
Acrylic paint on paper with papier-mache figures
48" x 68" x 2"
Geometry of Me
Acrylic paint, chalk and china marker on paper with papier-mache figures
46" x 65" x 3"
Self Portrait in Hospital with Cookie circa 1976
Papier-mâché, wire, m&m cookie
14" x 9" x 10"
Self Portrait in a Cookie Box
Papier-mâché, wire, Entenmann’s cookie box
5.25" x 8.5" x 2"
Self Portrait with Candy Button Dress
Papier-mâché, wire, candy buttons
15" x 6" x 3"

In trying to understand how I occupy the mass of my body, I turned to these figurative sculptural works. I reduce the body to an intimate, hand-held size, symbolic of my real body. The small scale affords me manageability and control, through which I can explore familial and social pressures.

In reference to Annette Messager’s use of doll images, Catherine Grenier observes, “the doll is the female archetype par excellence; the one with which women are most often identified: little girls play with dolls but grown women turn into dolls, or at least play at being dolls.” In Le Repos des Pensionnaires (The Boarders at Rest), Messager swaddles seventy-one sparrows in brightly colored, hand-knit sweaters. Constructed from feathers, the lifeless “dolls” evoke pity without sentimentality. Fabricating the figures in my body (doll) works allowed me to explore my understanding of the female body in childhood and womanhood.