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Reliquary for a Plutoid
Reliquary for a Plutoid
Acrylic paint on papier-mâché and basswood

I am honored to be participating in an online project called Telephone, which links 314 artists in over 80 countries, in a global game of sharing. I gratefully attended the local launch party in New York City. At the event I met the originator of the project as well as several fellow participating artists. I waxed nostalgic for a simpler time, when I was younger and full of promise, eager to make it in the New York City art scene. I listened to feedback about my work with the heart of a beginner despite my twenty years of mostly steady practice in suburbia. I left feeling invigorated and hopeful from this purity of experience.

This piece shows my branch in the telephone game; the initial message is at the root, while iterations vary in color and intensity toward my outermost position beyond the contained interior ocean space. I am Pluto, a much-debated celestial object, vying for recognition in a vast milky way. On the outside, a star, navigation buttons, and a quote from a poet who spoke with me that night.