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Reliquary for Chairs on Fikes Road
Reliquary for Chairs on Fikes Road
Acrylic paint on papier-mâché and bass wood
7” x 9.5” x 3”

Upon arriving in Southwestern Michigan, I was struck by the country landscape and its differences from my familiar suburbia: farmhouses with sprawling land, fields of fruit bearing trees and bushes, produce containers stacked two stories high, and colorful handmade signs. Driving down Fikes Road, I was struck by the image of chairs on fire. The occupants of an old home were burning that which did not sell at their yard sale. The black silhouettes of wooden chairs against billowing red-orange flames contrasted with the fertile green grass and overcast sky. I drove that road often, as it changed from Fikes Road into Riverside Road, and finally into Paw Paw Avenue.