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Measuring Me
Measuring Me
Acrylic paint on paper with papier-mache figures
48" x 68" x 2"

Referencing the times in my life when I wore formal gowns, the figures in Measuring Me allude to the red-carpet glamour shots of tabloid magazines while set against a backdrop of prom dress size charts scribbled on red paint. The two figures on the right show gowns from my high school days. They dangle in front of a black vertical band into which the size charts disappear. The tissue paper layer on these is activated with paper doilies to create a lacy texture. The black gown, representing my most recent experience with fitting room procedures, is separate from the other two by time and space. Each figure is long and thin, contrary to the reality of how I felt at the time. Hands bob on the ends of the wire arms and resemble punching bags, while the feet emerge like tear drops from tiny ankles. The featureless faces allow for attention to shift to the bodies which take on the forms of the gowns.